I was born as a mexican-german woman in mexico but I live the most time of my life in Germany.
Since more than 10 years I use "Salvas" as my online name. The name stands for  Stephanie Alvarado + s. The name Alvarado have a family background because I was born in Mexico but its not my real name - just my "artist name". 

I loved to draw and do other creative stuff. As teenager I loved to shot photos of my family, friends and school journeys. I was like a papparrazi! I want to catch all the moments for our memories. One day I found the community deviantArt and I said to me: "This is what I want to do!". I want to do beautiful landscape photos or other photos ... a little bit more than a funny (but important) selfie or photo of family and friends. In 2008 I bought my first digital mirrorlense camera. It was a Pentax *ist DL. In 2010 I used the Pentax K10D ; in december 2012 the Pentax K5 and since August 2015 I used the Pentax K3II.
I love to shot photos more than before and I can't take photos just from one theme. I'm a creative crazy woman and love to do creative things. So I can't say I'm a people photographer or I'm a landscape or wildlife photographer ... "Salvas-Art" stands for my creative side of me but the word "Art" stands in german for how something is ... So it stands for my art and how  I am.